Alice Alison – A Tribute

A precious soul has been taken from us. An individual who was caring, constant and greatly contributed to her church and the organisations in which she was involved. This especially applies to the Croydon BME Forum where she was the Secretary and as the Chairperson for the Croydon Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Support Group.

Alice joined the group in 2004 and became the Chairperson in 2006. She steered the group with wisdom and unstinting steadfastness. She had great regard for the nurses as they were in the frontline to ensure that the Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia suffers had the best care. This was reciprocated as they recognized that Alice as well as the committee were committed to support the patients.

We will all miss her smile and encouragement that we have experienced in the monthly meetings and the various events such as the workshops, the outings and the Christmas party. She empathized with the patients who were undergoing distress, especially the younger ones, and was always working out ways on how the support group can assist.

We shall all greatly miss her and aim to continue the essential work of the Support Group to which she gave a large portion of her time especially after she retired from her work.